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Founded in 1983 in the US, Cylindro provides sophisticated, highly reliable electronic controllers for agricultural, mining, construction, municipal, military and oil/gas machinery. Cylindro hardware has a flexible expansion board architecture that allows its controllers to be tailored to specific customer requirements. Cylindro’s many years of experience with the harsh environmental conditions of off-highway vehicles have resulted in a level of quality and robustness that is unmatched in the industry. Cylindro has a full spectrum of freely programmable controllers and I/O modules, as well as a wide range selection of all kinds sensors, joysticks and displays supplied by our partners.



We provide efficient, innovative solutions that focus on adding value for our customers. An emphasis on service and partnership with our customers, suppliers, and employees builds long term relationships and mutual trust. We have many years of experience in working with industrial automation applications. Our knowledgeable team of technical support engineers will work with you to recommend the right solution, the first time.


Flexibility, technical performance and operating reliability

Cylindro modular based control systems with CAN-bus data communications with optimal system solutions for any application where flexibility, technical performance, simple user interface, operating reliability and development opportunities comprise the cornerstones of the system concept.


Environment resistant electronic units

Robust, vibration and impact resistant enclosures in die-cast aluminium with dust- and waterproof connectors permit the electronic modules to be placed anywhere on the machine. This promotes optimal wiring between the control unit and the controlled valves, lower installation costs, easier service and less risk of cable faults.

All electronic units from Hydratronics conform to the EMC-requirements set out in the automotive directive. 


Complete system deliveries

Cylindro’ product range includes all types of sensors, joysticks, pedals and cable components for a complete system


Quality. There can be no compromise in the quality and reliability of sensors that are applied in your production facility. The Cylindro new product development process incorporates specific testing for sensors and controls to withstand environments with shock and vibration, electrical noise and temperature fluctuations.

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