Aerial working platform
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Machine-specific functions

Functions of the vehicle:
  Decentral control of the outtriggers with feedback via CAN nodes
- Auto leveling
- Storage and analysis of the outtrigger configuration
- CAN communication to the cage
- Operator panel in lower operator stand with color monitor on the switching panel
- Acquisition of the sensor signals: rotation angle, erecting angle and telescope length
- Storage of the load tables
- Motion control with ramp functions based on the load tables
- Weight determination by pressure sensors with appropriate logical processing
- Joystick data processing in real time
- Hydraulic valve control with PWM signals
- Complete J1939 control for Engine ECU
- Color visualization of all current data and set values
- Real time analysis of all sensors and command devices
- Real time control of the actuators

Functions of the lifting cage:
- 10" color display in control stand
- Auto leveling of the cage
- Camera input of up to 6 cameras to display areas that are not directly visible

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