Switch modules RS QS

The Rocker Switch modules RS1, RS2, QS1 and QS2 are designed to be installed into front panels, joystick multifunction grips or other switching units.


RS1 is a standard rocker switch with a single switch function in both directions.

RS2 have a double switch function is  in both directions.


QS1 is a quadrant switch module similar to a “mirror switch” made of four K12 switches, designed for 4 switching functions (e.g. for movements in four directions: up, down, left and right.

QS2 is similar to the QS1 but has a double switch function and is made up with eight K12 switches allowing additional functions in each direction ( e.g. 2-speed on/off-control ).


Basic technical data:

K12 switches with tactile feedback, positive snap point

Dimensions, type RS: 43 x 40.7 x height 27.6 mm

Dimensions, type QS: 58,9 x 43 x height 27.5 mm

Operating life expectancy: > 1 million cycles

Operating temperature: -25 °C to +85 °C

Protection class when mounted with extra sealing: IP65




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