Foot pedal E2
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Electronic foot pedal with Hall-effect sensor and safety switch for harsh environment.


Part no: 1210 2530 ( 31°-operating angle )

Part no: 1210 3030 ( 45°-operating angle )


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Electronic foot pedal E2 with Hall-effect sensor is used for regulating the vehicle speed in mobile applications. The pedal can also be used as a brake pedal or as an inch-pedal.

The sensor output is a voltage signal 0.65 - 4.3 V. Supply voltage +5 VDC.

The pedal includes a safety switch that is used as a control signal to the ECU ( Electronic Control Unit ), indicating that the pedal is mechanically activated. Two strong springs, one inner and one outer spring and low friction bearings ensures safe return of the sensor to idle position under all conditions when the pedal is released.

The sensor mounting location underneath the foot plate minimizes mounting space requirements and reduces vulnerability to dirt, water, and contaminants.

The sensor has a protection class IP65 and is dust and water proof.


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