Pressure sensor
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Pressure sensors, Rugged type IP69K for mobile hydraulics with pressure range 60, 250 and 600 bar.

0-60BAR Part no: 50109016

0-250BAR Part no: 50109020

0-600BAR Part no: 50109030


Cylindro thin film pressure sensors with 0-5 Volt DC signal output is designed to be used with Cylindro UltraROB® control systems to measure hydraulic pressure for monitoring and regulation in systems for mobile applications.


The sensors have an O-ring sealed bayonet connector, a protection class IP 69K, can work with ambient temperatures in the range, -40 to + 100 ┬║C, withstands high mechanical shocks, continuous vibrations and high pressure peaks.

The housing is made of highly resistant, fiberglass enforced plastic and the thin film measuring cell is made of high quality stainless steel.

The hydraulic side is fitted with a sealing ring, conn. type G1/4A.


The sensor is delivered in 3 pressure ranges: 0-60 bar, 0-250 and 0-600 bar. The sensor is connected to the control system with a 3 wire cable





DIN 72585 connector



Cable kit 0.5m Part no: 50109032




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