UltraROB SF9511 controller
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UltraROB series programmable controller designed for harsh conditions ( for example: large temperature variation, intense vibration, strong electromagnetic interference, corrosion, salt water immersion ) and reliably work system and the design and manufacture of. Therefore, very suitable for installation in the mobile machinery and other harsh conditions of equipment. Controller input and output performance can meet the requirements of these applications. At the same time, the internal integrated software and hardware for the apparatus connected to the controller to provide maximum protection.


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·Strengthen structure design, intense vibration and shock resistance;


·Suitable for outdoor application of the high level of protection ( IP67 ) and working temperature range

( -40 - 85 °C );


·80 input / output channel, wherein, all 64 road respectively can be set into the digital ( 80 ) ( 16 ) / frequency / analog input ( 16 ); 48 can be arranged into a digital ( 48 ) /PWM ( 24 ) / current output ( 16 );

8 can set to H bridge output;


·Digital input channels can be set to low input ( 80 ) or high-end input ( 24 Road );


·Analog input channels can be set to 0/10V or 0/32V or 4/20mA or resistance input or the rate of input and other input methods, 12Bits sampling precision, 1% detection precision. The system provided by the ratio detection, especially for rheostat class of input, such as a handle or a temperature sensor;


·With current feedback PWM current output channel, frequency and duty cycle adjustable, built-in closed loop current sampling and detecting circuit, providing a plurality of direct current output programming interface control;


·0 - 50K frequency input, can be detected by passive speed sensor signal, can detect the duty ratio, and the encoder is connected into the;


·Provide input and output of the open / short circuit detection function, a built-in test circuit monitor connected to the controller device is open circuit or short circuit conditions, as the system diagnosis and maintenance to provide the basic means;


·Output short circuit protection, built-in short-circuit protection function, to avoid short-circuit output controller caused burn;


·Output overload protection, can limit the output current, protecting the load, avoids the load burned;


·Specialized parallel monitoring of CPU, monitoring program, the main CPU operation download. In addition, the system power supply and other safety-critical functional modules in the monitoring and protection range;


·Special circuit design control system power supply and controller of temperature, and through the system variables notification application;


·Power detection, the generator, delay shutdown, in order to deal with emergency situations and save data;


·Use FRAM memory keeping data, high speed and real-time, unlimited time to read and write;


·Provides interrupt interface, support for response demanding function and equipment;


·Fixed system and application testing, improve the reliability of the system;


·Resistance load dump ( Load-Dump ), absorbed by the cell or the load suddenly dropped to voltage swell;


·2 ( SF9507, SF9508 ) or 4 ( SF9510, SF9511 ) CAN interface, support for CANOpen and SAE J1939 communication protocol;


·RS232 interface for serial communication or debugging program;


·5V 500mA sensor supply output;


·IEC61131-3 programming, CoDeSys programming environment;


·Rich and practical library functions, so that developers can use the minimum amount of the program more efficient function.

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