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Cylindro is a leading partner to OEM customers for off-highway vehicles through the best electronic control solutions. Cylindro develops and produces state-of-the-art technology to meet all customer needs. For quality assurance, Cylindro has established a very powerful and in all instances active quality management, which is involved from the first contact to delivery. Cylindro's quality management is ongoing and supervised by external quality consultants.


All Cylindro products are created from the reliable Cylindro Platform which represents our experience by means of standards. It incorporates modular hardware and software as well as work processes and the organisation of a development. This is how we achieve the constant high quality of our special electronics with the quality features:


·Simple commissioning

·Capability to diagnose

·Individual parameterisation

·Security for the future



We always use the latest technology, providing lasting electronics. Future adaptations are intended. The hardware and software make it possible to transfer new properties, also after installation by software update.

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